Por amor al burro

The donkey is a representative species of the Baja and all Mexico. The Mexican donkey has traditionally been associated with heavy rural work and negative connotations of its identity.

Donkey Sanctuary

Endangerous species

Sadly, due to its overexploitation, abuse and lack of trafficking regulations; this iconic animal is endangered. Mexico has approximitly 300,000 donkeys left from its peak of 1.5 million in the early 90's.

Our Ambassador

Since our brand was created, we have dedicated our time to praise its qualities, to change the stereotype that was imposed centuries ago. It is our goal that everyone can appreciate the wonders of this animal that we proudly boast as our ambassador

Donkey Info
Donkey Sanctuary | BBC

Joining Forces

In order to keep creating awareness of donkeys' preservation in the area, Baja Brewing joined forces with Rancho Carisuva to create a donkey sanctuary. Today, 14 rescued donkeys (among them, Lolo, Baja Brewings' name mascot namesake) live free and are cared for at the ranch (they love eating the spent grain). On site there are five baby donkeys that have been born since 2018 and we hope that the number of rescued donkeys keeps increasing.

Rancho Carisuva
Lolove Donkey BBC
Sanctuary Los Cabos
Lolove Donkey BBC

Through Lolo as our ambassador, and our program "Lolo Love #PorAmorAlBurro", we want to pay back a little of all the good things this wonderful species has given us.

At our online-store you can find merchandise which profits are destined to feed and care for the donkeys at the sanctuary and to keep rescuing more vulnerable donkeys in the area.

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