Year Round

Blonde Ale
Mexican IPA
Black Ale
Baja Lager

Only available in México

Session IPA
Amber Ale
Raspberry Beer
Oatmeal Stout

Seasonal Beers

Suculenta Seasonal
Suculenta Saison



Marked dryness with subtle notes of orange, its color evokes the sun in our arid and flourishing desert.

Style Saison

Color Yellow

Alcohol Vol. 6.3%

Bitterness Very Light

Body Medium

Mango Seasonal
Mango Wheat

Mango Wheat


With dense foam, fruity aroma and fresh flavors balanced with the sweetness of mango.

Style Fruit Beer

Color Cooper

Alcohol Vol. 5.0%

Bitterness Light

Body Medium

Lolobrije Seasonal



Light-bodied and easy to drink, sweet taste and caramel notes, slightly spiced with cinnamon and star anise.

Style Brown Ale

Color Reddish

Alcohol Vol. 4.8%

Bitterness Low

Body Medium

Burro Winter Seasonal
Burro Winter

Burro Winter


Inspired by the beach winter. A blend of coffee and roasted malts, with notes of chocolate and coffee.

Style Coffee Imperial Stout

Color Dark Brown

Alcohol Vol. 9%

Bitterness High

Body Complete


Four premium ingredients in every batch

Barley Barley

We use 100% malted barley in most of our brews sourced from the US, Canada and Europe.

Beer ingredients - Water Water

Our water flows to us via underground aquifers from the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain range. Great water makes great Beer.

Barley Yeast

These crazy little critters convert the natural barley sugars into alcohol and carbonation.

Barley Hops

Prime-picked from the Yakima Valley, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa to create original flavors, aromas and bitterness.

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